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-80°C Tube Stores

LiCONiC ultra low temperature (ULT) stores are characterized by the most efficient way of running a store at -80°C. Based on the chest freezer principle in combination with the LiCONiC trolley system these stores set a new standard in biorepositories and guarantee highest sample quality.

  • Compact - Very efficient capacity to footprint ratio compared to other systems
  • Manual and Automated Loading Interface Unit
  • Energy efficient and Green-Super low energy requirement through design
  • Redundant Back Up - Multiple simple back-up systems
  • No ICE Build Up - An Interface unit/ IO-buffer and the tube selection device allows moisture to remain outside of the -80°C environment keeping the storage compartment almost dry.
  • Modular design - the ULT stores offers the possibility to combine multiple units to one large store for more than 10 Million Biosamples such as DNA/RNA, serum, plasma, bacteria, or other sensible bio-liquids.