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Automated Biobanks

The use of biologics in research and healthcare is expanding at a remarkable rate. Correspondingly, the demands for storing, processing, and maintaining quality of these sensitive and often irreplaceable samples requires state-of-the-art technology and the support to ensure its reliable operation. Liconic builds on 25 years of providing automated sample storage solutions to offer a comprehensive line of storage systems, each tailored to the specific needs of specialized sample types, environmental control, and sample handling processes. The BiOLiX Automated Bio-Library storage systems precisely address your bio-sample storage application with robust environmental control from -20°C to vapor phase LN2 (≤-185°C).

Liconic automated Bio-Libaries offers:

  1. BiOLiX STT -Series
  2. BiOLiX SAB -Series
  3. BiOLiX STC -Series
  4. BiOLiX STV -Series

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