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Automated BloodBanks

Each blood establishment manufactures tens to hundreds of thousands of units of blood components: Red Cell Concentrates, Platelets and Plasma. At the same time hundreds of thousands to millions of archival samples are stored for look-back investigations.

Respective blood components or samples have to be stored in a temperature strictly defined by regulations. Currently the storage processes involve lengthy and tedious operations and the storage of blood components and samples is the last element in the chain of blood establishment production which has not yet been successfully automated. The demand for long term storage and convenient access to stored material led to the development of revolutionary systems that perfectly suit the requirements of blood establishments of different types: blood donation centers, plasma collection centers and hospital blood banks.

The fully featured system control software manages all storage processes and monitors temperature and other important climate conditions within the system. The interface of the control software allows simple integration in existing or commonly used LIMS systems.