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RBB Series

The new HibernX series is the world’s first fully automated storage system specifically designed for long-term storage of frozen plasma and reaches temperatures as low as -30°C or -40°C depending on local requirements.

Plasma units are used as Fresh Frozen Plasma and as a Source Plasma. High costs of virus inactivation procedures make the quarantine the best safeguard method for FFP plasma.
Interaction with pharmaceutical fractionators and fluctuating market demand prevents the industry from collecting source plasma on an immediate or regular basis. As a consequence blood establishments are forced to store substantial amounts of this frozen component over a significant period of time.

The HibernX system now allows quick and simple storing of plasma units in PVC bags. The system’s automation fully supports individual as well as batch sample handling.

The system ensures full trace-ability of the stored content and individual history of each component stored within the instrument. Within minutes, plasma units are stored and retrieved based on chosen criteria, such as donation id, quarantine status, blood group, donation date, etc. Additionally, quarantine and released material can be kept in separate partitions of the storage space.

The HibernX system operates by storing individual units on reusable trays or in disposable carton boxes, which fit on uniquely designed compact shelves. The shelves within the HibernX are accessed by an XYZ-coordinate robotic handling shuttle system via tray transfer from a carousel in order to speed up the loading and unloading process.

Temperature uniformity and stability is ensured by an energy efficient redundant refrigeration system that contains a CO2 back up system to safeguard the environment for the frozen plasma.

It is possible to equip plasma store with optional module for storage of archival samples.

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