Make your StoreX interface professional looking supporting the latest interfacing technologies in no time. The STX driver package will enhance your user interface by providing the market's most complete and most powerful functionality at minimum programming costs.

The STX driver package includes everything needed to build a sophisticated, yet simple, interface for any plate storage application.

The package includes:
  • intuitive and friendly user interface
  • drag & drop plate manipulation
  • device communication tools
  • climate managing tools
  • operation schedule
  • test and diagnostics module
  • error recovery system
  • security system
  • events, message and errors logging system

All operations are drag & drop. Using simple mouse clicks, you navigate plates between positions and manage your system's climate controls. The new command set has been optimised using 21 very powerful and straight forward commands.

Other features are:
  • TCP/IP communication
  • remote access capability
  • easy client-software integration
  • multi-clients device managing
  • multi-device compatibility

STX Driver Flyer