The STC3k5-ULT is based on the new LiCONiC trolley design. The STC3k5-ULT is the smallest reliable and most compact -80°C store in its class. It utilises the LiCONiC chest freezer principle which provides excellent energy efficiency and climate homogeneity. The STC3k5 is by far the market's most efficient -80°C store.

The STC3k5-ULT store incorporates an interface unit that holds an IO-Buffer and the tube selection device. Samples can be loaded either manually into the IO-Buffer or through an integrated liquid handling platform. In all cases samples pass through the interface unit and are then transferred into the -80°C storage chamber. This ensures maximum climate stability of the long-term storage compartment.

The user friendly software incorporates an intuitive and extremely simple to use operator interface. The system is connected to the network and may therefore be accessed remotely.

STC3k5-ULT for following applications
  • DNA/RNA,
  • proteins,
  • cells,
  • serum,
  • plasma,
  • bacteria,
  • sensible bio-liquids.
Your benefits
  • temperature stability - highest sample quality
  • trolley system - high density with small footprint
  • stainless cassettes - combination of all tube formates
  • chest freezer principle - low energy costs - only passive parts in -80°C
  • 2D- and barcode function - 100% sample tracking and integrity
  • proven technical components - reliable and robust system
  • redundant and backup cooling - highest sample guarantee