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-20°C Tube Stores

All LiCONiC Tube Stores are able to handle tubes of all formats. The tube selection devices can be a tube picker for pick & place tubes or a tube boxer for punchable tubes. Tube selection is carried out at storage temperature in a controlled environment.

Depending on tube and rack format the Liconic tube stores can hold from 1.000 to 12.500 racks. The stores are expandable so that the capacity can be easily expanded. Small stores are 100% factory manufactured, and are designed for plug & play installation.

Larger stores are bespoke and built to customer specification. They can be equipped with different tube selection devices, IO-buffer, redundant cooling, and many more options.

The stores are most suitable for stand-alone applications but can also be easily integrated into liquid handling systems.

Combined with LiCONiC's Sample Management Software stores of the STC series become an extremely powerful yet very simple and intuitive to use system for a broad range of applications, such as Storage of chemical compound or biological samples at -20°C.