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STC DF Series

Based on the chest freezer principle in combination with the LiCONiC trolley system these stores set a new standard in biorepositories and guarantee highest sample quality. Due to the modular design the DF stores offers the possibility to combine multiple units to one large store for more than 10 Mio biosamples such as DNA/RNA, serum, plasma, bacteria, or other sensible bio-liquids.

The LiCONiC STC DF store comes with an interface unit in which an IO-buffer and the tube selection device are located. Samples can be loaded either manually into the IO-puffer or via an integrated liquid handling system. In each case samples pass the interface unit and are transferred in a second step into the -20°C storage chamber.

In this way all moisture remains in the interface unit and the storage compartment remains almost dry.

Combined with LiCONiC's Sample Management Software stores of the STC series become an extremely powerful yet very simple and intuitive to use system for a broad range of applications, such as Storage of chemical compound or biological samples at -20°C.