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STX140 Series

The STX140 is the world's smallest carrousel based automated incubator. The STX140 instruments are available for integration with the instrument placed on the table surface (BenchTop BT) or for integration with the instrument standing on the floor (StandAlone SA). The combination of a StandAlone configuration with a BenchTop allow these units to be stacked.
  • The STX140 slim 400mm width minimizes room required along a robotic line.
  • This unit begins the high throughput series storage line; yet, keeping size constraints in mind.
  • These units can be stacked to increase production needs.
  • The STX140 features LiCONiC's new Flush Gate and LiCONiC's new speed optimized handling. The Flush Gate simplifies integration by omitting any obstacle in the Gate area.