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STR Series

The STR series is designed to give you a compact workstation without compromise to the functionality of the STX series. The STR44 and the STR240 delivers the sample through the top surface with our "periscope" lift so it can fit under any liquid handler deck or workstation and deliver straight onto the deck.
  • Capacity - 44 to 240 MTP plate capacity
  • Compact underbench design to minimize footprint
  • Superior environmental conditions through our proprietary IR Gas sensor, Cassette Design, humidity, and temperature control
  • Wide temperature range from -20°C to 70°C
  • Fast - 6 second loading times
  • Clean - nWay Contamination prevention; a system approach
  • Water pan free - Sterile clean humidity injection system elimantes need for water pan
  • True orbital shaking - Only LiCONiC offers true orbital shaking from 1-6mm