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STL Series

The STL series is the ideal choice when a large storage capacity is needed. The STL series covers the field of 3'000 to 20'000 MTP capacity. The STL incubators use a unique design that copes with extremely frequent accesses while maintaining ultra-stable conditions inside the climate controlled chamber.
  • Capacity of 3000-20,000 MTP plate capacity
  • Compact underbench design to minimize footprint
  • Superior environmental conditions through our proprietary IR Gas sensor, Cassette Design, humidity, and temperature control
  • Wide temperature range from -20°C to 70°C
  • Fast loading and unloading times
  • Clean - nWay Contamination prevention; a system approach
  • Water pan free - Sterile clean humidity injection system eliminates need for water pan
  • Suitable for crystallization applications