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Like other flip chip machines, the bonding process can be divided into five stages: loading, alignment, placement, bonding and unloading. Each unit on the FCM bonder is designed to carry out these operations as quickly and as accurately as possible.

The FCM flip chip bonder is a very simple, yet cleverly designed, machine. It has all the features needed to carry out successful bonding, including vertical bonding movement and placement.


ChipPegasus Universal Diebonder

  • Best for Flexible Production and Development Environment
  • Extremely Powerful and Simple Software
  • Excellent Price-Perfomance Ratio
  • Very high Accuracy

The LiCONiC ChipPegasus diebonder is the new tool for development and mid-size production. With its 5 micron accuracy the ChipPegasus fulfills every need in modern microelectronic manufacturing. The new Liconic ChipPegasus diebonder software combines a powerful production user interface. Most operations of the Windows based user interface are self explanatory.

The new Liconic ChipPegasus offers a large active working area providing room for various applications.