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STX Bioassay dish

STX Bioassay dish The STX Bioassay dish incubator is the first incubator for Bioassay dish of its kind.

The STX Bioassay dish incubators use a unique design that copes with extremely frequent accesses while maintaining ultra stable conditions inside the climate controlled chamber. The Bioassay dishes are accessed through a small automatically controlled door (Gate) that opens during access only, thereby minimizing gas exchange. As the common interface of the incubator and the robotic environment a transfer-station is located in front of the Gate. Full manual access is maintained by a large user door and removable cassettes (Stackers), which allows the user to access and load products.

Completely remote operation of handling and climate is supported. The handling allows full random access on all plates. The STX Bioassay dish uses the LiCONiC's shovel based handling system, which transports a flask by loading it on an extendable surface (shovel) during transport.

The STX-Series robotic handling is completely located inside the incubation chamber. The handling consists of a transport lift mechanism that transports a single plate between any stacker location, four removable stackers and the external transfer station. By using our slide station, Bioassay dishes can be transferred directly into an attached system preserving the environmental conditions needed for accurate testing. The delivery gate is located at rear center. The STX Bioassay dish features LiCONiC's Flush Gate that simplifies integration by avoiding any obstacle in the Gate area. Like all members of the StoreX family the STX Bioassy dish can be equipped with numerous types of options and a wide selection of useful accessories.