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LPR Series

The LPR Plate Hotels are designed for under-the-deck integration. Plates are fed through an opening in the deck of the workbench. As the common interface of the incubator and the robotic environment, there may be several transfer stations located around this opening. This arrangement reduces bottle necks in throughput by optimizing required robot travel. For full manual access there is a large user door and removable cassettes (Stackers). The reliable shovel based handling system is used to transport plates by loading them on an extendable surface (shovel). The handling consists of a turntable that holds the removable stackers and a lift mechanism that transports a single plate between any stacker location and the external transfer station. The lift mechanism is located in the center of the turntable and can rotate around its own axis.

On the LPR44 and the LPR240 there is a second vertical axis that extends the lift above the ceiling of the incubation chamber in addition to the vertical lift movement. Using this mechanism a plate may be transported to or from the incubation chamber onto the table surface above the instrument.Rotating the lift mechanism in its extended position, enables you to address multiple transfer stations located on the table surface in a circular arrangement. The possibility of rotating the lift mechanism while extended gave the LPR instruments their nickname "Periscope".

The LPR series is designed to make compact workstations without compromise to the functionality of the LPX series. The LPR44 and the LPR240 deliver the sample through the top surface so it can fit under any liquid handler deck or workstation. This will leave ample room on the upper surface for additional equipment and increases the capacity of your automated line. In addition the Star concept will save you thousands of dollars by eliminating the need for special transfer stations or extended and extra robotic arms.

Like the LPX-Series instruments the LPR handling will accept most plate types without modification, teaching, or adaptation. Even simultaneous use of various plate types is possible. With the periscope delivery system you are not required to have extended grippers or extra robotic arms. The plates are delivered to transfer-stations on the upper portion of the liquid handler deck or workstation. You can have multiple transfer-stations to increase the workflow (reducing bottlenecks) for greater throughputs. With the instrument placed under the workbench maximum system integrity and optimum usage of space is ensured.