The STT1000-Kiwi is a fully automated tube storage and retrieval system with remote sample access capability. The STT1000-Kiwi TubeStore can store over 400'000 384-tubes or over 75'000 500ul-tubes. The new Kiwi TubeStore is designed for use as autonomous entry system as well as for integration in an automated robotic application. Of course LiCONiC's entire climate range is available for this product. The new Kiwi TubeStore comes complete with a very powerful but yet extremely user-friendly software package.

Despite of its large capacity the STT1000-Kiwi will still fit through any laboratory door in any maintenance elevator with its max. 1162 mm depth and 1988 mm height. The set-up of the instrument is simple. Only one standard electrical mains connection is required. Connection to a local network is recommended.

The transport lift is located on the back side of the incubation chamber between the two carrousels having three rotation positions - left carrousel, right carrousel and transfer station position. The Gate and therefore the transfer station are located in the center of the back side of the instrument.

Two large user doors on the front side of the incubator allow simple and easy manual access to the plates inside the incubation chamber. For manual access the carrousels may be positioned automatically or rotated manually.

Like all members of the StoreX family the STX 1000 can be equipped with a large number of options and a wide selection of useful accessories.

For details please refer to Options.

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