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This model offers high capacity while maintaining the same compact footprint of the STX220. The STX500 is ideal for high throughput labs with space constraints. The STX500 is available in three configurations. Double Decker carrousel with standard 540mm cassettes allowing 440 MTP capacity for maximum comfort for manual handling of cassettes. An optimized configuration using 540 cassettes on the lower deck and 680 cassettes on the upper deck will increase capacity to 500 MTP while maintaining comfort and safety of manual operation. Capacity can be increased to 530 MTP using 1200 mm Stackers making it the leader in its class.

The STX500 Series supports a wide temperature and humidity range. Namely the STX500 is available as IC (Incubation), HC (high humidity cold storage), DC (dry, low humidity cold storage, HR (high humidity wide temperature range incubator), DR (dry, low humidity wide temperature range storage), and AR (adjustable humidity). The mechanical dimensions of all STX500 are identical and independent of any Climate Options.

Like all members of the StoreX family the STX500 can be equipped with various types of options and a wide selection of useful accessories. For details please refer to Options or Accessories.