The LPX220 is the successor of the legacy 189 plate capacity MPH (Micro Plate Hotel). Some of LPX220's improvements are an increased 220 MTP capacity, its faster access speed and its much higher flexibility for integration. In fact, the LPX220 can be integrated in four different orientations. Left, right, back and side access is made possible by one single system.

The newly developed handling with higher speeds in used in the LPX220. The use of a spring balanced lift mechanism instead of counter weight optimized speed and reliability of the instrument.

The LPX220's 220 MTP capacity makes it perfectly suitable for most integrations. Its compact size and its capacity makes it also ideal for mixed plates applications. Various options like shaker, BCR, housings and more accessories, like various cassettes and transfer stations, are available. For details please refer to Options or Accessories.

Order information

LPX220 - 9144 00 50