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This unit was originally designed for high throughput protein crystallization. By using the Star concept it allows maximum capacity and configuration. The delivery gate can be on the rear right/left or in rear center.

This allows the unit to be positioned in the desired location. Multiple gates are also possible. The STR602 features LiCONiC's new Flush Gate that simplifies integration by omitting any obstacle in the Gate area.

The STR602 is ideal for protein crystallization work because the carrousel can be stationary with the Star concept allowing the inner rotation the only moving part, reducing vibration and movement of the samples.

While allowing full remote access on handling and climate functions, you are still able to manually access the cassettes and samples through the large front door for loading and unloading your product.

For better access to cassettes located in the back of the incubation chamber the integrated carrousel maybe positioned automatically or be rotated manually.

The STR602 Series supports a wide temperature and humidity range. Namely the STR602 is available as IC (Incubation), HC (high humidity cold storage), DC (dry, low humidity cold storage, HR (high humidity wide temperature range incubator), DR (dry, low humidity wide temperature range storage) and AR (adjustable humidity). The mechanical dimensions of all STR602 are identical and independent of any Climate Options.

Like all members of the StoreX Star family the STR 602 can be equipped with a large number of options and a wide selection of useful accessories. For details please refer to Options or Accessories.