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The LPR240 will hold up to 242 MTP with 23mm pitch. It is ideal for multiple cassette/sample configurations. The unit sits entirely under the workstation or liquid handler deck. Multiple transfer station can be used to increase production and throughput.

The LPR240 is ideal for protein crystallization work because the carrousel can be stationary with the Star concept allowing the periscope the only moving part reducing vibration and movement of the samples. While allowing full remote access on handling you still are able to manually access the cassettes and samples from the front of the instrument.

For better access to cassettes located in the back of the instrument the carrousel maybe positioned automatically or be rotated manually. The LPR240 with 242 MTP capacity makes it perfectly suitable for large integrations. Its compact size and its high capacity make it also ideal for mixed plates applications. Various options like shaker, BCR, housings and more accessories, like various cassettes and transfer stations, are available. For details please refer to Options or Accessories.

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