Swap Station



The Swap Station is mounted outside the StoreX system and consists of two transfer plates mounted on a swap drive rotating the transfer plates by 180 degrees.

The swap station acts as a plate buffer and as a plate extension shuttle. The distance of the actual transfer position is increased by 145mm.

Main features
  • two transfer plates acting as buffer for faster handling
  • alignment pins on each transfer plate for realigning the microplates in both horizontal directions
  • control of the Swap Station by the user system (access through the handling communication port)
  • possible conflicts between the StoreX handler and the Swap Station monitored by the StoreX system
  • two plate sensors integrated, status can be requested individually
  • easy adjustment of X / Y position, height and rotation of the transfer station
  • easy access to the microplate for external grippers
Order Information

STX Series, LPX Series - 9118 11 00