Overview UTX Active Control is designed to ease the process PC to StoreX communication using USB or Serial COM ports. Without it users need to use Win32 API and USB Human Interface Devices API to communicate with the devices.

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Software package

Software package includes following items:

Files Description
UTX.OCX ActiveX Control
UTX.HTM Help File, Description of all properties, methods
[VCExamples] Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Example
[VBExamples] Visual Basic 6.0 Example
[CBExamples] Borland C++ Builder 5.0 Example
[DelphiExamples] Borland Delphi 4,5,6 Example
Working environment

For USB communication this ActiveX control need MS Windows 98 Second Edition, MS Windows 2000 or another operational system with USB HID class support.

For Windows NT4.0 or Windows 95 this ActiveX control works in serial COM mode only or needs special USB and HID support drivers.

ActiveX needs mfc42.dll and msvert.dll installed on the system. These files are included in UTXINST installer program.