STX1000 Series Cascading System

With the LiCONiC Cascader your system will satisfy your need as your library grows. The Cascading approach allows to start automation at minimum upfront investment while leaving ways for later expansion.

Furthermore, the LiCONiC Cascader gives you maximum flexibility for integration. Interface ports are compatible to the STX Series instruments therefore giving access to the world's largest selection of transfer stations and other accessories. No matter if you intend to grow to left or to the right or if you even want to add an additional robotic access port.

The STX1000 Cascaders cover the entire climate range from -20°C up to 70°C at outstanding climate performance.

A large selection climate options such as gassing control, RH-Control, are available.

The STX1000 Cascaders Handling is fast. Access time on remote plates on a 2 stage system are below 90 seconds. Average Pick- and Place times are 6 resp. 7 seconds.

Integration of LiCONiC Cascader based system is easy. LiCONiC's new 3rd generation driver package does all background and hardware related work for you while providing a professional looking GUI for end-user access and service support.

Order Information

Cascading System for STX1000 - 9136 05 07