N-Way Decont.


Automated incubators having robotics installed inside the incubation chamber require special precautions for thorough decontamination and for ensuring low contamination levels. Some reasons for this are:

  • robotics cannot routinely be removed for decontamination,
  • restrictions on usage of low contamination materials,
  • robotics may have structured surface,
  • robotics does not withstand autoclave temperatures without potential harm to components,
  • robotics is sensitive to some substances used for decontamination.
What Does n-Way Decontamination Do?

Liconel is an innovative material specially developed for the incubation chambers.

n-Way Decontamination effectively eliminates contamination and keeps the incubation chamber free of unwanted germs, while being absolutely harmless to the valuable substances stored inside the incubation chamber and causing no harm to the sensitive parts of the robotics. Namely test were:

  • bacteria,
  • fungi,
  • viruses,
  • cells.

n-Way Decontamination is non-toxic and ensures maximum protection for the goods stored inside the chamber.

How Does n-Way Decontamination Work?

In cases where the use of heat may be limited, alternative approaches for decontaminating must be taken. A carefully selected combination of features result in an extremely efficient mix of precautions:

  • stem injection eliminates the need for water pan and standing water,
  • Liconel - the new alloy generates ions while avoiding corrosion,
  • easy access - allows access hidden corners and eases the cleaning process.

This unique combination makes the n-Way Decontamination best suited for automated incubations. The effectiveness of n-Way Decontamination has been shown in the laboratory with specially developed tests and large studies in various labs over the world.

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