The new Liconel based StoreX Series is the market leading contamination prevention incubator family. Liconel technology combines the de-contaminating properties of copper ions with the advantage of extremely low aging effects as with stainless steel. This ensures long-term stability and will help your discoveries to be true and accurate.

What is Liconel?

Liconel is an innovative material specially developed for the incubation chambers.

Liconel is a material that prevents unwanted microbial growth while maintaining protection of probes.

Liconel was specially developed for incubators with integrated handling.

Highlights of Liconel
  • self-decontaminating,
  • non-toxic to probes and user,
  • high long term stability,
  • simple maintenance.
Order Information
StoreX Liconel for:
Description Order Nr.
STX44 9118 12 43
STX110 9131 05 11
STX220 9122 05 25
STX500 9132 06 20
STR44 9118 12 44
STR240 9134 01 97
STR602 9141 01 84