The new Service Pack 2 includes several innovative features that improve serviceability of the LiCONiC incubator family. These features provide our units to stay connected to the workstation while monitoring all functionalities of the system. This ensures the units never have to be re-aligned during preventative maintenance.

New Module Slide

All our components are on the new module slide, which allows service engineers slide the whole module out for easy access to every component without removing the incubator from the workstation. With all components on this module, inspection and replacement of parts can be done in minutes. This saves valuable down time and realignment times, which occur with other types of incubators.

Additional COM Ports (UCI)

Additional COM ports allow the end-user to run additional software on the host in parallel to the existing driver software. Monitor all aspects of the incubator, without disconnecting from the work station of upper level software. This function allows the end-user to simultaneously monitor PLC, temperature, RH% and gassing functions of the unit and store as log files, which can be used for set-up or GLP and QA statistics.

Service Port

Use the new service port for system diagnosis and system performance monitoring. This port may be used for firmware updates, firmware backups or system configuration using LiCONiC's simple-to-use software tools. This service port will also support LiCONiC powerful software tools for handling set up. The service port allows engineers to plug a PC to the unit and perform desired functions and monitor all aspects of the incubator, without disconnecting from the work station or upper level software.

Completely Removable Cover

The advantage to the removable cover is total access to refrigeration compressor if needed. If opens the work environment the field engineers which will saves time and money on repairs.

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