Orbital Shaker for STX44, STR44
Agile, Popular & Innovative


Orbital shaker with integrated auto-positioning for handler access. All functions required for access implemented autonomously. Driver compatible with non-shaker units, no special commands required for plate handling. All sub functions autonomously implemented.

Order Information
Orbital Shaking Option for STX44
Description Order Nr.
1mm Amplitude, 600 rpm max. 9118 12 24
1mm Amplitude, 1200 rpm mac. 9118 12 25
3mm Amplitude, 600 rpm max. 9118 12 41
6mm Amplitude, 400 rpm max. 9118 12 42

Linear Shaker for STX110, STX220, STR240
Agile, Popular & Innovative


By accelerating and decelerating the carousel movement, a linear shaking function can be integrated in our carousel based units.

Via software setpoints the amplitude and the speed can be adjusted.

Order Information:

Linear Shaking Option - 9122 05 15