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About Us
High-Tech Solutions
LiCONiC is driven by its position as the world's leading manufacturer of automated incubators and small size plate storage systems for the life science industry. By investing in research and development LiCONiC creates products and services which address the growing complexity of today's laboratory automation.

LiCONiC is committed to Customer Satisfaction by providing excellent sales, service, and support to our customers and to the continual improvement of our processes and systems.

To focus more on meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction, LiCONiC US and LiCONiC AG both are ISO 9001:2015 certified.
What's New : LiCONiC iSeries products
New Fully Automated STX iSeries Incubators & Plate Hotels

Liconic iSeries LiCONiC believes in being an industry leader not a follower. Once again, LiCONiC introduces the STX iSeries to solve some of the most challenging issues for the automated storage systems.

Main features include:

  • GUI Interface - Flexible, wireless, On-board and remote off-site control.
  • LED Rainbow Technology - Instant and evident display of system status.
  • Contamination Prevention* - LiCONiC's exclusive Liconel alloy prevents contamination of the incubator chamber.
  • SafeErase Decontamination* - Decontamination without extreme heat or harmful chemicals to electronics.
  • iMotion* - Fast intelligent sample movement.

* Optional features

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Donation Certificate: 2015 / 2016 / 2017
Every year LiCONiC donates certain amount for a good cause.

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